100%-AMERICAN-beveled.jpg  Our new line of case-ready GO WILD™ seafood includes premium 100% wild-caught fish from the glacial-cold depths of Alaskan waters, shrimp from the pristine Gulf Coast and premium sea scallops from the rugged North Atlantic. All seafood comes from fisheries that follow responsible, sustainable and traceable fishing practices, preserving supplies for generations to come.

Ready for retail

Our seafood is pre-portioned in a variety of serving sizes. It’s then placed in a tray and sealed using proven vacuum skin packaging (VSP) to create GO WILD™ super-chill paks featuring ready-to-prepare wild-caught seafood. The range of sizes and grab-and-go convenience make this brand ideal for large or small retailers and for club stores.

Preserves freshness and natural color

The GO WILD™ super-chill-pak technology preserves product freshness for optimal shelf life. It’s also designed to reduce freezer burn and maintain the seafood’s natural protein color.

Reduces handling and shrink

GO WILD™ super-chill paks can be placed directly from the shipping carton into the fresh seafood retail case, making it effortless to manage inventory at the retail level. As demand grows for GO WILD™ super-chill paks, the retailer can stock additional trays on a just-in-time basis, keeping shrinkage to a minimum.

Retail-friendly packaging

Our GO WILD™ label with bold retail-friendly graphics provides a full view of our wild-caught seafood. Interested in private labeling? We can create packaging that supports your brand and specific requirements.

Ideal for all kinds of seafood

The GO WILD™ product line includes wild-caught Alaskan salmon, cod, haddock, flounder, Alaskan Pollock and ocean perch; Gulf Coast shrimp; and North Atlantic scallops. For a complete list of GO WILD™ offerings, please contact our Sales Team.

GO WILD is a trademark of Mariner Seafood, LLC. Packed by Mariner Seafood, LLC, New Bedford, MA, USA.