GoWildChill Paks


Watch your customers GO WILD for our new super-chill paks!

  • Ideal for Fresh Case and Frozen Seafood Programs.

  • 100% premium wild-caught seafood, responsibly sourced.

  • Pre-portioned, pre-weighed 8 oz. UPC-coded trays.

  • Grab-and-go convenience.

  • Goes directly into fresh or frozen case, reducing shrink, labor, and handling.

  • VSP packaging preserves freshness and natural color.

  • Stays fresh refrigerated up to 7 days.


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GO WILD Premium wild-caught and farm-raised species

GO WILD Sensations : Premium Seafood Cuisine

Premium farm-raised
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Premium wild-caught
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GO WILD Sensations — Premium Seafood Cuisine
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GO WILD Seafood