Mariner is dedicated to preserving our precious seafood resources.

Mariner Seafood, LLC truly cares about our customers, our environment, our industry and the consumer. We wholeheartedly embrace our responsibility to educate, inform and share our knowledge and insight to help people live stronger, safe and healthier lifestyles. We will not compromise our belief in providing the highest standard of quality resources, which is essential to serving our customers with excellence. 


100% Responsibly Sourced.

When you select Mariner Seafood, you're choosing seafood supplied by fishermen who have a deep respect for following responsible fishing practices to protect our world's oceans.


100% Sustainable.

Our fishermen work only with 100% certified sustainable fisheries that follow the most stringent food safety requirements and best practice standards, ensuring long-term sustainability.


100% Traceable.

All of our seafood can be traced directly back to its sustainable source, so you can trust where your seafood comes from.




GO WILD™ Premium Seafood displaying the MSC blue fish — is certified sustainable, responsibly sourced, and traceable to an MSC certified fishery. Learn more at